In This Board We used 14 relays. and a programmable circuit. You can control 14 different processes by using this circuit.Example You are controlling a machine which have multiple motors or jack. and every motor and jack work on diff time. you can program This board to control different processes. we can also use this in home to control devices and its also can b use to control decoration lights like on particular event exp. Diwali, X-mass, Marriage, Birthday parties, festivals etc. This Board is user friendly and easy to program. it has compact design and also easy to install. we used high quality shining plastic. and glowing logo. 12V 10A Relays are Used and it have inbuilt power Supply in it. So no need to  connect any external  device to control this board. only plug the power and your lights and you done. This celebration make your home glow differently and smartly

Here is an example of this board

Musical Christmas Lights

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