According to philosophers, Time is one of the complex things to understand. but it is constant, which means it can be measure by simple math, as the ratio of gears in an analog clock.

Analog clock use needles that rotate in 360 degrees and the position of that needles represents the time But to see needles a light source is needed as needles don’t glow. Except if they are virtual on TFT LCD.

Virtual analog clock on LCD with no external light

Now no need to switch on bright room light at midnight for checking time. just open a little bit your eyes and time will be in front of you.

Components used Arduino Uno, TFT LCD shield, DS1301, and a power source

Connect SDA, SCL,VCC,GND of DS1301 to Arduino
Cut Reset pin connector of LCD and add wire it to Arduino Reset
Match the pin and plug in the LCD shield
Now upload the code and you have done.
Use 5V adaptor to power the clock forever,
Till the time ends.

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